THE Story!

Nelson Mandela (pictured above)

The Basics

*ExCITING Info: Nelson, K. (2013). Nelson Mandela. New York, NY: Katherine Tegen Books.

*Age Range: The publisher suggests four-to-eight years old for reading this story. I politely disagree. It could absolutely be read by a young child (four-to-eight) but to really understand the story and PROCESS the information I would suggest at least sixth grade level to eighth grade level. Many of the words written in the native language would be very hard to pronounce and understand by a four-year-old. I truly believe that a middle school or high school student would get a deeper appreciation and understanding of the author’s intent and Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Furthermore the idea of apartheid can be complicated even for an adult to wrap their mind around; such hate and cruelty based on appearance.

*Summary (the good stuff!): Nelson Mandela the man goes beyond his presidency. This story wanders through his life as if it were a fly on the wall; tragedies, triumphs and everything in between. The beautiful artistry allows readers to peek into what life was like for Mandela in South Africa beginning in his village and ending with his election to presidency. It does not leave out the difficult moments; Kadir Nelson shows readers the jail visits, discrimination and hatred. It leaves readers with a sense of empowerment and justice; at last, justice.




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