Amazing Resources

Apartheid, segregation, discrimination…they can all be challenging topics to teach both students and our children about. I have often grappled with how to present this information to students without desensitizing them or jading them to the world.

The Apartheid Museum in South Africa has a ton of resources and permanent exhibits to show students, I have done virtual tours with my classes before.

The New York Times has a great slideshow of images and words highlighting Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy.

BBC Kids has a well-rounded biography section on Nelson Mandela. Gives a good foundation for understanding his life.

Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility has an INCREDIBLE lesson on Nelson Mandela and his crusade against apartheid.

Those are just a few resources. There is much to be said about comparing our own struggles with segregation and apartheid in South Africa. I think that this would be great foundation to any student learning about apartheid. I think the visuals can sometimes be challenging to swallow so be cautious when you show your students/kids and provide them with appropriate context.


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